Green Light Selling
Don Aspromonte and Diane Austin, Cahill Mountain Press, 1990
An NLP sales process that will be particularly useful for those salespeople who know their product, know their markets and know that they can do better.

Beyond Selling
Dan Bagley and Edward Reese, Meta Publications, 1987
A well-written book covering an NLP approach to gaining and keeping customers.

Instant Rapport
Michael Brooks, Warner Brooks, 1989
A broad overview of rapport and anchoring skills.

What They Don’t Teach You in Sales 101
Steven Drozdek, Joseph Yeager and Linda Sommer, McGraw Hill, 1991
One of the best and most comprehensive applications of NLP to sales. Includes an excellent section on ‘keep yourself going’.

Making the Message Clear
James Eicher, Grinder DeLozier Associates, 1987
NLP applied to business, mainly to do with verbal communication.

Precision: A New Approach to Communication
John Grinder and Michael McMaster, Precision Models, 1980
A systematic format for gathering information. The book is designed to improve business planning, management and meetings.

Influencing with Integrity
Genie Laborde, Syntony Publishing Co., 1984
Subtitled ‘Management skills for communication and negotiation’, it is a fine introduction to NLP in a business context. Clearly written, it covers such matters as outcomes, rapport, acuity and flexibility and their application in meetings and negotiation.

S90 Days Communication Excellence
Genie Laborde, Syntony Publishing Co., 1985
A companion workbook to go with Influencing with Integrity, it breaks down sensory acuity and pattern recognition into small learnable chunks.

Rapport on the Telephone
Genie Laborde, Syntony Publishing Co., 1991
Designed as a notepad, each page containing a separate skill, from setting outcomes to pacing and leading, and gathering referrals. Simple use of NLP on the telephone.

Performance Management
Michael McMaster, Metamorphous Press, 1986
Communication and training in management using NLP together with other approaches.

Unlimited Selling Power
D. Moine and K. Lloyd, Prentice-Hall, 1990
Subtitled ‘How to Master Hypnotic Selling Strategies’, this is basically the Milton Model for salespeople.

Modern Persuasion Strategies
J. Moine and J. Herd, Prentice-Hall, 1985.
One of the best books on personal influence in the sales context. A clear introduction to the theme of hypnotic language pattern in everyday life.

No Experience Necessary
Scott Nelson, Meta Publications, 1990.
Techniques for succeeding in telemarketing.

The Magic of Rapport
J. Richardson and J. Margoulis, Meta Publications, 1988.
Deals with rapport building and hypnotic persuasion techniques.

Sales: The Mind’s Side
James E. Robertson, Metamorphous Press, 1989.
Sports psychology and mental training as it applies to sales. Focuses more on the salesperson than selling strategies.

Succesful Selling With NLP
Joseph O’Connor and Robin Prior, Thorsons, 1995.
Using NLP to increase congruence and satisfaction in the selling profesion. As well as being a practical workbook, it deals at length with the sales process, why people buy, goals and values, and there is a section on leadership in sales management.

Training with NLP
Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour, Thorsons, 1994.
A comprehensive organization of the fundamentals of training into a practical primer and reference. Includes sections on presentation skills, planning and evaluating the results of training.