Virginia Satir: The Patterns of her Magic
Steve Andreas, Science and Behavior, 1992.
A full transcript of Virginia Satir working with ‘forgiving parents’. Includes detailed commentary and highlights many patterns.

Vida Baron, Barez Publishing Company, 1990.
Simple and basic NLP frames applied to medicine.

L. Cameron-Bandler, FuturePace Inc., 1985.
This is a revised and expanded edition to They Lived Happily Ever After. Clear and detailed application of NLP to sexual and relationship problems.

Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Wellbeing
Robert Dilts, Real People Press, 1990.
A book aptly described by the title, about how your beliefs affect your health.

Therapeutic Metaphors
David Gordon, Meta Publications, 1987.
Presents a model for generating powerful metaphors to help people get in touch with their resources. Ways of utilizing synesthesia, representational systems and submodalities are inluded.

Patterns of Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson M.D., Volume 1
John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Meta Publications, 1975.
Clear exposition of the artfully vague language patterns used by Milton Erickson. Basic trance induction of pacing and leading, distracting the dominant hemisphere and accessing the non-dominant hemisphere is explained. Includes a session of Erickson working with Aldous Huxley. The second NLP book to be published.

Patterns of Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson M.D., Volume 2
John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Judith DeLozier, Meta Publications, 1977.
Companion to Volume 1, more technical and detailed, with transcripts of Erickson working with clients.

Irresistible Communication: Creative Skills for the Health Professional
Mark King, Larry Novick and Charles Citrenbaum, W.B. Saunders & Co., 1983
Clear and practical introduction to NLP and communication for doctors, nurses, and social workers.

Get the Results You Want: A Systemic Approach to NLP
K. Kostere and L. Malatesta, Metamorphous Press, 1985.
A clear introduction to NLP for therapists with transcripts of client sessions.

Maps, Models and the Structure of Reality
K. Kostere and L. Malatesta, Metamorphous Press, 1992.
A fairly straightforward exploration of the philosophical underpinnings of NLP and how they relate to the use of the techniques.

Practical Magic
Steven Lankton, Meta Publications, 1980.
Subtitled ‘A translation of basic NLP into clinical psychotherapy’. Deals with rapport, representational systems, anchors, the Meta Model, strategies, trance and metaphors applied to psychotherapy.

Facticity: A Door to Mental Health and Beyond
Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, Facticity Trainings, 1991.
A book on reconizing and integrating the light and dark aspects of our personality.

Changing With Families
Virginia Satir, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Science and Behaviour Books, 1976.
Excellent descriptions of Virginia Satir’s work. Sorting representational systems in families and non-verbal behaviour are extensively dealt with.

Your Balancing Act: Discovering New Life through Five Dimensions of Wellness
Carolyn Taylor, Metamorphous Press, 1988.
Presents a model of health through belief systems. The five areas are physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Makes great use of the Disney character, Jiminy Cricket.