Change Your Mind and Keep the Change
Steve and Connirae Andreas, Real People Press, 1987
Edited Transcript of seminars given by the authors. It gives many of Richard Bandler’s sub modality change techniques, swish, changing criteria, and the compulsion blowout. Also there is a chapter on timeliness.

Heart of the Mind
Steve and Connirae Andreas, Real People Press, 1990
NLP strategies applied to a wide range of ideas, including using timelines for personal change. One of the best collections of NLP in action.

An Insider’s Guide To Submodalities
Richard Bandler and Will MacDonald, Meta Publications, 1988
A book that gives a wide range of work with sub modalities, including changing beliefs and variations on the swish. The most comprehensive guide to sub modalities available at the moment.

Frogs into Princess
Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Real People Press, 1979
An edited seminar transcript covering many of the main NLP patterns: anchoring, reframing, representational systems, rapport and eye accessing cues. There are many anecdotes and fascinating asides in the course of the book.

Magic in Action
Richard Bandler, Meta Publications, 1985
This book is made up of edited transcripts of video tapes of Richard Bandler working with clients on problems such as agoraphobia, fear of authority figures and anticipatory loss. An appendix covers treating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders using NLP techniques.

Neuro Linguistic Programming:
Volume 1, The Study of the Structure of Subject Experience
Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Meta Publications, 1980
A comprehensive guide to modelling, covering eliciting, designing, utilizing and installing strategies.

Reframing: Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning
Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Real People Press, 1982
A book of edited seminar transcript dealing with reframing in detail. There are sections on negotiation between parts, creating new parts, six steps reframing and reframing in systems such as families and organizations.

The Structure Of Magic 1
Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Science and Behaviour Books, 1975
The first NLP book to be published and the definitive one on the Meta Model, very detailed and with material of transformational grammar. The meta model is presented in overall context of psychotherapy.

The Structure Of Magic 2
Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Science and Behaviour Books, 1975
Companion volume to Magic 1. Detailed account of synesthesias, incongruity and representational systems in a context of family therapy.

Using Your Brain For a Change
Richard Bandler, Real People Press, 1985
Edited transcript of Richard Bandler’s seminar about sub modality patterns including the swish pattern. Some very entertaining asides occur in the development of the main ideas.

An NLP Workbook: Advanced Techniques Book 1
Phil Boas with Jane Brooks, Metamorphous Press, 1985
A list of NLP exercises from a trainer’s point of view. Not an introductory text.

A Framework for Excellence
Charlotte Bretto, Grinder DeLozier Associates, 1989
An excellence and detailed resources manual giving material and exercises at practitioner level.

Emotional Hostage
Leslie Cameron-Bandler and Michael Lebeau, FuturePace Inc., 1985
A practical book for dealing with emotional and relationship problems.

The Emprint Method
Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon and Michael Lebeau, FuturePace Inc., 1985
Detailed methods of modelling excellence in any field. A step-by-step technical manual of the method.

Know How, Guided Programs to Inventing Your Own Best Future
Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Michael Lebeau and David Gordon, FuturePace Inc., 1985
Practical application of the Emprint method to diet and health, children and relationship.

Feeling Good about Feeling Bad
Pat Christopherson, Golden Egg Publishing, 1987
On integrating pain and painful emotions as a part of your day-to-day life.

Results on Target
Bruce Dilman, Outcome Publications, 1989
An excellence in-depth exploration of outcomes at work and at home.

Applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Robert Dilts, Meta Publications, 1983
A series of papers covering the Meta Model, and applications of NLP to business communication, sales, education, creative writing and health.

Changing Belief Systems with NLP
Robert Dilts, Meta Publications, 1990
A workshop-style book on changing beliefs. Very thorough and includes the Meta-Mirror and the Failure into Feedback pattern.

Roots of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Robert Dilts, Meta Publications, 1983
A complex book which contains three early papers. The first integrates NLP material with theories of brain functions, the second describes research into EEG readings and representational systems. The third contains material on the Meta Model, altered states and metaphor in a therapeutic context.

Tools for Dreamers
Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein, Meta Publications, 1991
A treasure trove of strategies and techniques for creativity. Some of the most up-to-date writing on modelling available.

Various NLP Monographs
Robet Dilts, Dynamic Learning Center.
Spiral-bound monographs including ‘Albert Einstein, Neuro Linguistic Analysis of a Genius’; ‘The Cognitive Patterns of Jesus of Nazareth’; ‘Moshe Feldenkrais, NLP of the Body’; ‘NLP and Life Extension (with Jaap Hollander); ‘NLP in Training Groups’; ‘Overcoming Resistance to Persuasion with NLP’ (with Joseph Yeager); ‘The Parable of the Porpoise’; ‘Spelling Strategy’; ‘Walt Disney, the Dreamer, The Realist and the Critic’; ’Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’. These are available directly from the Dynamic Learning Center.

Developing Co-operative Relationship
Gene Early, published by Gene Early, 1988
A booklet that uses NLP for developing and maintaining co-operative relationships, where sharing and agreement are important. Useful for both personal and professional relationship.

The Happy Neurotic
Geoff Graham, Real Options Press, 1988
English book containing aspects of NLP. Much of the material is available in Using Your Brain for a Change.

Trance-Formations: Neuro Lingustic Programming and Structure of Hypnosis
John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Real People Press, 1981
Edited seminar transcript of hypnosis seminars. There are clear and detailed explanations of trance induction with exercise broken into small steps, also many interesting stories and examples of hypnotic patterns. Utilization techniques include reframing, New Behaviour Generators, pain control and amnesia.

Turtles All the Way Down
John Grinder and Judith DeLozier, Grinder DeLozier Associates, 1987
Edited seminar transcript of John Grinder and Judith DeLozier’s new work on the prerequisites of genius and the necessary wisdom, style and grace which must go with applications of NLP technology. A fascinating and essential book for anyone with knowledge and interest in NLP.

Leaves Before the Wind
John Grinder, Judith DeLozier and Charlotte Bretto, Grinder and DeLozier’s Associates, 1990
A series of articles dealing with NLP and hypnosis, healing and artistry.

Challenge of Excellence
S. L. Gunn, Metamorphous Press, 1986
Achieving excellence through physical competence, balanced physiology, and appropriate patterns of thought. Useful for any teacher who wants to develop NLP skills in conjunction with co-operative games or outdoor pursuits.

The Excellence Principle
S. L. Gunn, Excellence Unlimited, 1981
And introductory level NLP workbook based on the presupposition that ‘fun is a prerequisites to excellence’.

Monsters and Magical Sticks
Steven Heller and Terry Steele, Falcon Press, 1987
A clear and entertaining book on hypnosis and trance states.

The Secret of Creating your Future
Tad James, Advanced Neuro-Dynamics, 1989
Learn about timelines through the metaphorical adventures of Milon and the Wizard.

Timeline Therapy and the Basis of Personality
Tad James, Meta Publications, 1988
A detailed and clear account of timelines, meta programs and values. Not an introductory book.

Fine Tune your Brain
Genie Laborde, Syntony Publishing. 1988
Following on from Influencing with Integrity, this deals with communication patterns, dovetailing outcomes, congruence and metaphors.

Magic Demystified
Byron Lewis and Frank Pucelik, Metamorphous Press, 1982
An introduction to parts on NLP. It deals at length with the Meta Model, communication, how we make maps of the world, representational systems and accessing cues.

NLP: The Wild Days 1972-1981
Terrence McClendon, Meta Publications, 1989
A short, anecdotal account of John Grinder and Richard’s early partnerships.

Golf: The Mind Game
Tennis: The Mind Game
Marlin M. Mackenzie with Ken Denlinger, Dell, 1990
Applying NLP to sport. Understandable to those without NLP training.

The Art of the Possible
Dawna Markova, Conari Press, 1991
This is the most in-depth study of communication pattern based on representational systems, including identifying your own patterns.

Basic Techniques: An NLP Workbook
Linnaea Marvell-Mellm Metamorphous Press, 1982
A workbook and cassette tape designed to teach basic patterns of reframing, anchoring, accessing cues and the Meta Model.

Introducing Neuro Linguistic Programming
Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour, Mandala, 1990
An excellence introduction to NLP, this book is designed for beginners. Comprehensive, clear and detailed, it contains an overview and all the main patterns.

Practitioner Manual for Introductory Patterns in NLP
Maryann Reese and Carol Yancar, Southern Press, 1986
A manual taken from a practitioner training, an aide memoire to the training.

Programmer’s Pocket Summary
Maryann Reese and Alan Densky, Reese and Densky, 1986
Small, loose leaf binder which contains basic NLP patterns in a short recipe format. Not a book for beginners.

Awaken the Giant Within
Anthony Robbins, Simon and Schuster, 1992
A book about the structure of destiny and the science of Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) Exciting and motivating, though not strictly NLP.

Unlimited Power
Anthony Robbins, Simon and Schuster, 1986
A very good exposition of the basic principles of NLP and many personal applications. Written in a very personal and immediate style, very anecdotal.

Cognitive Harmony
Jerry Stocking, Moose Ear Press, 1991
Subtitled ‘An Adventure in Mental Fitness’, this book introduces NLP concepts in the context of personal evolution.

Various NLP Monographs
Wyatt Woodsmall, Self Published.
Spiral-bound monographs including ‘Business Applications of NLP’; ‘The Science of Advanced Behavioural Modelling’; ‘Meta programs’; ‘Language Patterns and Timeline Therapy’; Strategies’; ‘Lifeline Therapy’; ‘Beyond Self Awareness’.

Basic Technique, Book II
Clifford Wright, Metamorphous Press, 1989
A collection of exercises from NLP practitioner training. Best done in groups of two or more.

Reframing: Kunci Hidup Bahagia 24 Jam sehari
RH. Wiwoho, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2004. An Excellence introduction to parts, six steps reframing, negotiation between parts, context and meaning reframing, and couple reframing.

PROFIL: Kunci Menuju Puncak Motivasi
RH. Wiwoho, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2004. An application book on motivation. This book is designed to beginners who wants to know their meta programs. Examples including business, sales and management.

Thinking About Thinking with NLP
Joseph Yeager, Meta Publications, 1985
A book which deals more with the principles of NLP, an ‘NLP state of mind”, particularly applied to the business world, rather than with particular techniques. An interesting overview if you are already acquainted with the basic ideas of NLP.

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